About Us

Welcome to Integrity Total Development! We are excited to bring you our main hub of resources for all of your new building projects, storage, landscaping and concrete needs. Our company has been in business for generations, which has helped us learn and grow professionally as well as personally.

The most important component in all of our companies is our foundation and beliefs in Jesus Christ. He has guided us through the start up phases to get us where we are today. God has also placed us at the right places at the right times to meet such wonderful clients like you every day. We are blessed and fortunate to work with so many talented people.

Are you looking to build a brand new home? We have you covered! Stop by Integrity Homes in Midland, Michigan to talk with one of our designers about our prebuilt homes. We have a great selection of various styles, floor plans, and customizable amenities to choose from. By the time we’re done constructing your pre-fabricated home, no one will be able to tell it wasn’t stick built.

One of the main items of concern for a new home or office building is the foundation. You must have a durable and consistent concrete foundation before you start any of your building projects, otherwise it will start to deteriorate over time. Hanlee Concrete is one of our companies that can provide you with high quality concrete that is reasonably priced. Additionally, we offer a mobile concrete batching plant for any large projects that need concrete made on site.

What better way to complete the look of your new modular home than with beautiful landscaping around your yard? Briggs Landscape offers a wide range of natural stone for decorative and practical uses. Briggs has supplied stone, mulch, sand, and gravel to hundreds of clients throughout Michigan. We also have a nice selection of unique sculptures, paving stones and garden sheds to add a little more character to any yard.

And last but certainly not least, while you’re in the building phase you will probably need somewhere to store your personal belongings. Once again, we are here to help! Mustang Storage is conveniently located in Sanford, Michigan. We have self-storage units available to fit all of your storage needs at a low monthly cost. With the different sizes to choose from, we are sure to have a unit that will work for you.

While we have four different companies, we are very easy to get a hold of during regular business hours. All of our staff is friendly, professional and always willing to help answer your questions. We strive to deliver excellent customer service and will assist in any way we can. Thank you for taking the time to view our websites, we look forward to working with you soon!